Every year, thousands of tourists decide to visit this region. It is especially because of the number of historic sights and nature attractions. The area is relatively small, but there is a compact network of tourist paths and cycle routes running through congenial landscape and the visitors have plentiful possibilities to sport, visit culture events (music and theatre festivals) or bathe in outdoor and indoor swimming pools. In short, you can find here nearly everything that you need for a pleasant holiday.

Maloskalsko (Malá Skála region)

Malá Skála region is one of the newest areas in the Landscape Park Bohemian Paradise. Due to its geological treasures and historic sights is this area since 2002 protected by law. The uniqueness of Maloskalsko supplemented the varied offer of the Landscape Park and thanks to its culture and sport opportunities is every year one of the most visited places in the Bohemian Paradise.

Greenway Jizera

The cycle path connects two splendid localities – Malá Skála and Dolánky u Turnova, both of which are plentifully visited by tourist and watermen. The aim of the path was to create a pleasant and undemanding route passing through the scenic valley of Jizera and continue in using the historical function of the river as a connecting line between villages and cities.

Dolánky u Turnova

Dolánky is a small village coming under the authority of Turnov. It creates an imaginary water “gate” to the area of central flow of the river Jizera. While saying Dolánky, a lot of people will visualize Dlask’s farm and river Jizera, which there thanks to the weir creates ideal conditions for bathing and other summer activities.


Turnov is known especially thanks to its tradition in gemstone polishing and jewellery production. It is also commonly called “The heart of the Bohemian Paradise”, as it is surrounded by rocky landscape, rock cities and forests with hidden castles, and also for the tourist attractions as Šťastná Země in Radvánovice or rock reliefs close by Kopic’s farm.

Vernacular architecture

The area around Jizera has been very attractive for settlement for a long time, so no surprise the locality is rich in vernacular architecture sights. The timber houses and buildings can be found practically in every village. Small chapels and bell towers are well preserved up to the present time and still functioning. The majority of the timber houses and cottages are used as weekend houses and therefore they still hold the original character.

Castles and chateaux

The Czech paradise is literally filled with castles, rock strongholds and chateaux of prominent aristocratic families. Some remained practically unchanged up to the present, the other disappeared and their original location can be visible just because of tiny marks in the bedrock.

Rock towns

The rock cities are the best-known and most visited places in the Bohemian Paradise. They are dominant features of this region. There is number of the sandstone rock cities, the best-known is the Hrubá Skála Rock City and Prachovské skály, but we definitely must not omit Besedické skály, Klokočské skály and in the south edge of the Bohemian Paradise Drábské světničky and the rock city in Příhrazy with the most famous rock Kobylí hlava (Mare’s Head).

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