The region around Jizera has been always very popular for colonization, which is why this area is rich in vernacular architecture buildings. Timber houses and buildings can be found practically in every village. Small chapels and bell towers are well preserved up to the present time and still functioning. Really valuable are larger farm buildings, for example Bouček’s farm in Malá Skála or Dlask’s farm in Dolánky u Turnova.

Boučkův statekIf you are interested in buildings in vernacular architecture style, you will find a number of them in this region, both in towns and villages. In Železný Brod you can see farm Běliště and wooden bell tower. Semily has timber houses in good condition in Jílovecká Street and you definitely should not miss a unique urban monuments preservation area in Vesec u Sobotky.


Large timber buildings are preserved also in Příšovice, Žďár u Mnichova hradiště or Loukov. You can find more information about vernacular architecture and tips for trips at


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