How you can find us?

Information centre Maloskalsko

Malá Skála
468 22 Železný Brod

Info line:
+420 775 580 388 (8.00 - 22.00)
+420 774 495 803

+420 485 100 500 (8.00 - 22.00)


How can you get to us?

By car on E65 Turnov – Harrachov

By train

After you detrain at the station Malá Skála, go upstream the river Jizera till you come to the area of Žlutá plovárna. You will also see the SUNDISK rope centre, behind which you will go left on a footbridge. After crossing it you will walk across the road and then you will see our Information centre Maloskalsko.

On foot

There is a footbridge close to the information centre, which connects both banks of the river, so it’s very well accessible by tourists. The information centre is then divided from the river just by E65 road.


On bicycle/scooter

No matter if you go from Líšný or Turnov, the Greenway Jizera cycle path is close to SUNDISK rope centre in Malá Skála connected to a footbridge over the river, which will lead you to our information centre. Just cross E65 road and you are by us.


A bird's eye view to the mentioned footbridge



Malá Skála


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